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Aakriti Art Gallery began its journey in the first decade of the new millennium and geared up an evolution in the modern and contemporary art in India. For nearly a decade, Aakriti has showcased some of the unique and finest exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in India building up a gateway of Indian art in the world market. It has constantly hosted workshops, art camps, talk shows and seminar and made a landmark success in promoting Indian contemporary art at the global level. Aakriti Art Gallery presently operates from two places – one gallery is in Kolkata and the other is in New Delhi. Keeping with the latest trends of the art market, Aakriti has come up with best solutions for a wider audience of fine arts from traditional paintings, sculptures, printmaking, and graphics to new media like conceptual art, video art, installations and experimental art and started an online art shop where a buyer can opt to select and buy a piece of modern and contemporary art of his or her choice from a variety of collections.

Aakriti Art Gallery since its inception has been instrumental in promoting the upcoming artists and newer generation art works. The whole idea of ‘Gen Next’ exhibitions profusely dealing with contemporary art of India as well reaching out to young artists from different corners of the globe happens to be exclusively Aakriti Art Gallery’s brainchild, which has revolutionized the concept of looking at contemporary art in the new millennium and given birth to a new generation of groundbreaking contemporary artists who are doing extremely well in the art world. Authentic and original art by the Indian modern masters like Jogen Chowdhury, Satish Gujral, Kartick Pyne, Partha Pratim Deb and many others are available with the gallery and can be directly collected from different exhibitions the gallery hosts from time to time or can be purchased from home through online. In the list of groundbreaking contemporary artists, Aarkriti Art Gallery has largely showcased the works of Sekhar Roy, Samindranath Majumdar, Akhil Chanra Das, Sunil Deb, Amitava Dhar and from the new generation artists - the names are Sagar Bhoumik, Rajesh Deb, Sourav Jana, Nantu Behari Das, Priyanka Lahiri, Partha Guin and many others. One can always come across their works and experience their aesthetic beauty whenever they visit in any of the galleries of Aakriti in Kolkata or New Delhi. And if someone happens to miss it in the exhibition/s, then just browse it online and make the best deal just sitting at home.

The concept of ‘Affordable Art’ is very much an in-thing and Aakriti Art Gallery once again vouches on providing the best of contemporary and modern art works to its audience and collectors/buyers at the most convenient and affordable price. To make them readily available to the collectors, Aakriti has concentrated and devised easier ways to make the sale and purchase through online art shop available in the online galleries apart from direct sales from the galleries’ physical sites. Buy Art Online is the simplest trading mechanism, Aakriti is providing to its collectors and viewers where you can make the best of your deals, also bid and buy in the form of auction/s with full faith and conviction with every transparency of authenticity in each deal made.


Directors Profile
Manik Bachhawat
Director Chisel Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

A celebrated poet of Hindi Literature and an ace personality who led his whole life dedicated to art and culture, Manik Bachhawat is the senior-most directors of Chisel Crafts Pvt Limited. Manik Bachhawat had a keen interest in contemporary visual arts and has been one of the promising collectors of artworks since 1960s. His aim was not as an investor in art as it is termed in the present millennium, but as a true admirer of art and its beauty he was one of the key figures to bring together the artists of his generation who are among the most acclaimed artists of the century from this part of the country and supported them in every possible way to continue their art practice. Apart from writing poetry Manik Bachhawat has regularly done art criticisms for esteemed publications during 1960s and 1970s and has remained an integral part of the art circuit of the country for over 50 years

Amitabh Bachhawat
Director Chisel Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

Amitabh Bachhawat’s journey into the art world though started at his home surrounded by dignified personalities of visual arts and literature, but he set his discourse in a slightly different manner. Amitabh had a strong creative instinct, natural intelligence, an urge to do something original which would be of use in every sphere of life and living. Thus Amitabh chose furniture as his medium of expressing creativity. He is one of the finest furniture designers in town with a fantastic taste of raw materials.. Chisel Arts, a sister concern has been synonymous to grand furniture and a brand many interior designers, high-end furniture stores and designer showrooms throughout the world recognize and respect. He deals with the designing and export business of hand-made wooden furniture. The acclaimed Hollywood film franchise ’Haryy Potter’ had featured furniture crafted by him for their sets. Off screen, Chisel Arts furniture has invaded many a Hollywood home from Bruce Willis to Kevin Costner.

Vikram Bachhawat
Director Chisel Crafts Pvt. Ltd. & Aakriti Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd.

Vikram Bachhawat has been revolutionary to the contemporary Indian art and endorsing young talented artists from all over the country. Vikram has been the mastermind behind the most happening things in the art circuit in the City of Joy in the last decade. From conceptualizing off-beat exhibitions based on socio-political ethos to being the propagator of Gen Next artists, Vikram has proved to be the worthy heir of Poet Manik Bachhawat who himself states with his evergreen smile that he was born with art, and thus he had nothing else to do to except living with art. Vikram is the pivotal force in Bengal’s art chapter who has very ably brought together eminent and new artists, senior established practitioners rubbing shoulders with young innovative minds and Aakriti has set milestone contributions in the field of art. Vikram has been in the trade of art and collectables for over 30 years. His collection of carnival glass has been referred in the ‘Standard encyclopedia of carnival glass’ and the ‘Ebay glass guide’. Vikram was also the key figure behind both the major auctions held in Kolkata Husain painting crossed 1 Million Dollar figure which was a historical record at that time.

Priya Bachhawat
Director Aakriti Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd.

A deep sense of visual imagery, an amateur photographer and a wise marketer, Priya Bachhawat looks after the gallery sales of the Aakriti Art Gallery. She takes care of its administration and organization of events during different exhibitions and workshops, seminars and other affairs regularly taking place in the gallery since its inception. As Vikram Bachhawat’s life partner, Priya has looked after the gallery and its different chores just like her baby and in every decision of Vikram she has remained his prime support. Priya has been the prime photographer who has shot most of the images for the exhibition catalogues, auction catalogues and books published by Aakriti Art Gallery and Chisel Arts and also she has been giving inputs to the designing of the catalogues with her technical skills and knowledge. With her charming personality Priya has taken care of all enterprising missions of the gallery taking it to one of the leading positions in the country in terms of sales as well.

Aman Bachhawat
Director Aakriti Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd.

Aman Bachhawat is the youngest director of Aakriti Art Gallery Pvt Ltd. Aman has a fine taste in different art and craft materials. His dynamic capability of entrepreneurship and fine business skills are great asset for the organization. He believes in the collective growth of art, artists, curators, critics, collectors and patrons and he vouches to contribute his beat to lead the initiative further. He looks after the artifacts and manages travelling shows.


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