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Works of Paritosh Sen(1918-2008)



Paritosh Sen, a prolific name in the modern contemporary art scene, has been a part of the art world close to four decades. His works often represent caricatures with strong socio-political connotations. He is also known for his female nudes. His style is influenced by his exposure to Western Modern Art .  His works often feature Cubist leanings and he creates an illusion of voluptuousness using two dimensional structured planes. 

His human figures are brilliantly executed, expressing a myriad of emotions. His most common subject of painting is everyday urban life. There is a certain cynicism to his works while representing the mundane in life.

Paritosh Sen was born in Bangladesh but moved to Calcutta in 1942. He formed the Calcutta Group, an association of artists that sought to incorporate contemporary values in Indian art. He went to Paris in 1949 and studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts.
He received a Fellowship for 1970-'71 from the John D. Rockefeller III Fund. He is also a well known writer and his works have been published both in Hindi and English.
Paritosh Sen passed away in October 2008.

Education :  

Govt. School of Art, Chennai

Academy Grand Chaumier

Ecole des Beaux arts

Ecole des Louvre in Paris

Major Exhibitions:

His works have been exhibited in India and internationally, in Paris, London, Germany, Tokyo and in the US.

Awards :

He had been awarded several times and won fellowship from the French Govt. and grants from Rockefeller Foundation, USA. However, more recently he was conferred with Lalit Kala Ratna Academy, New Delhi in 2004.


 Collections :

National Gallery of Modern Art, Rashtrapati Bhavan, The British Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal




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