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Partha Pratim Deb does not limit himself to one particular genre of art, rather he experiments to create a style which unique and reflects a process of artistic introspection. His ink on paper works evoke an impressive complexity through simplicity, akin to Paul Klee's 'taking a line for a walk' drawings. Deb possesses qualities of a master draftsman, for example a single line, straight and horizontal, can become the horizon, the hull of a boat, the division of two dimensional space or a roof top. These elements make his work instantly recognizable and extremely engaging. 

Partha Pratim Deb's paper works show his individual humor and sharp wit.  Partha Pratim Deb has always been known for his non-conventional approach towards art and aesthetics and has an elaborate journey of breaking formal set norms in art through his artistic practice and exposition. Through his work, he portrays he has portrayed the pangs and plights of our times with subtlety epitomizing broader messages of change and evolution, though the setback of anguishes in disguise always remain. His work is praised both in India and abroad and his work is included in the collections of major museums including the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and the Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.
Deb is an important figure within Indian contemporary art and has been the Dean of Visual Department at Rabindra Bharati University.



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