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Works of Pradip Rakshit


BFA, Indian Collage of Arts, Kolkata, 1982.
Exhibitions : Joint, Group and All India Shows : Kolkata, 1982-2001, Mumbai, 1990, Bhopal 1990, 1996, International Exposition, Kaugawa, Japan, 1990, Santos, Brazil, 1990, Lalit Kala Academy National Exposition, 1990-91. Participated in major art camps throughout India.
Award : Certificate of Merit, State Lalit Kala Academy, Kolkata, 1986, Academy of Fine Arts Award, 1996.
Pradip Rakshit is a nature mystic and believes in delineating the poetry that is dormant within landscapes and the environment. He works mostly in acrylic and oils. The images refer to representational world but as he works they transform into a non-representational format. Frequently fragments of the figurative world make an appearance. There is a subtle nuance in each work that builds up as the colours and shapes communicate with each other. As the painting grows, he gets more and more involved. Finally he gives himself up completely. There lies the charm of his work.

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