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Akhil Chandra Das is a sculptor from Bengal who has explored the medium extensively to create forms. 

Akhil Chandra Das is a talented sculptor who uses bronze and wood to make complex social commentary. His animal forms are an allegory on the issues that plague the contemporary world. Akhil’s work has always taken a swipe at the cultural decadence, hypocrisy, capitalism and erosion of values. He evokes these ideas through surreal and mythological imageries with a sense of the absurd. His sculptures’migration’ and Phantasmagoria’ are a cynical reflection on the idea of displacement and identity.

Education : 

M.S University, Baroda , MVA in sculpture


Major Exhibitions:

 His first solo show was at Jehangir Art Gallery, in 2002

He has participated in several group shows like Harmony Show, National Exhibition and 'Time & Material' organized by  Aakriti Art Gallery & Art Konsult at Stainless Gallery, New Delhi among others.

Awards and honours:

He has received junior Scholarship 1999-2000

 Lalit Kala Research Grant, 1995

National Scholarship 1995-1997, and 2000.

He was also one of the artist in Gen Next I and Gen Next II in Aakriti Art Gallery in 2006 & 2007.



His works are in several private collections in Bombay, Baroda, Assam, Delhi, Bangalore, Pondichery, USA, Japan and Australia.


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