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Aditya Basak, through his works tries to delve into the psychic depths of subconscious. His works culminates the harsh realities of life with the dark murky depths of the human mind. His works have a disturbing and haunting quality to itself.
Basak is an excavator of the darkest emotions that lurk in the depths of the mind. His artistic journey began in 1977 after he graduated from Government College of Art and Craft. As a surrealist his works go beyond the visible and beyond reason to give it a haunting quality.
Basak’s figurations resort to illusory imagery playing on light and shade. The colours are lush and the muted tones add to the powerful imagery.
One of his favorite artistic tools is the incorporation of onlookers whose gaze he follows into the beyond. Objects that are aids to vision, such as the telescope, also find a place in his art, conveying the need for a medium of viewing. 

Aditya Basak believes that artistic responsibility is not devoid of social responsibility. He was part of the Art for Spastics Auction held in Chennai and member of the Help Age All India Show held at the Jehangir Art Gallery a few years ago. He is also an avid supporter of animal rights. When Maneka Gandhi, animal right's activist, organized an exhibition titled 'People for Animals' (after the name of her organization), Aditya Basak was one of the participants. 

Education :  

Govt. College of Art & Craft

Major Exhibition:

Some of his prominent solo shows have been at New York in '99, Art Today, New Delhi in '02, at Art World, Chennai in '04 and Anant, New Delhi in '06. Some of the group shows taken place in recent years include , 'Edge of the Century' at Delhi, Exhibition of Contemporary Bengal Artists at Dhaka in '99, 'Art of Bengal' at NGMA, Mumbai and  'Art on Paper' at CIMA , Kolkata in '02.  He has participated in several art camps and workshops all over India, Australia, Thailand, UK and China to name a few.


National award for painting, Lalit Kala Academy

He has been a member of the society of contemporary artists since 1984

He has won the national award in 1986 and the State govt. Award in 1988.


His works can be found with several prominent art collectors and museums in India and abroad.





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