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Works of Shuvaprasanna(b.1947)



Shuvaprasanna is known as one of the most prolific artists in modern contemporary art in Bengal. His works often feature his muse’ the city of Kolkata’. He has stated in his interviews, that there is no other city like Kolkata. His works often feature an existential angst, the agonies and the stories that the city has to tell. His works goes beyond the evident and transcends into a dream like state. His works are marked with impeccable technique. His works are done in oil, acrylic and mixed media.

He believes that art should transcend linguistic barriers and have universality to it. His works seek to go beyond the boundaries of perception and reach emotions.  He began his artistic journey as a student of Indian College of Art and was one of the founders of the Calcutta Group. Subhaprasanna's series of paintings, Icons and Illusions, marked a creative breakthrough for the artist in a number of ways. Whereas he had been known in the past as an urban artist with subject matter that reflected the byways, alleyways, birds, and people of his native Kolkata, in this series he relished more in divinities and flowers. The iconic figures of KrishnaRadha, and Ganesha that found lyrical expression in the Icons series are modern representations and sophisticated idealizations of the same images in the popular media.

Education :  

Graduated from Indian College of Art, Kolkata.

Major Exhibitions:


2006 Arts India West, USA, Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi. 2005 Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2004 Gallery Artsindia, New York, Art Indus, New Delhi. 2002 Art Indus, New Delhi, Arts India, New York. 2000 Fine Art Company, Mumbai, Artworld, Chennai, Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, Art Indus, New Delhi.


 2007 Tao Art Gallery, Bali, Fiidaa art, Singapore, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai, Gallery Kanishka\'s, Kolkata, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2006 Fiidaa art, Singapore, Sanskriti Art Gallery, Kolkata, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, Harmony Art Show, Mumbai.

Awards :

1979 AIFACS, New Delhi.





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