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Works of Syed Haider Raza(1922-2016)



Syed Hyder Raza  is an Indian artist  whose  works mainly include oil and acrylics and themes are often derived from Indian Cosmology. He has been living in France since 1950 but maintains strong ties with India. He is among the most reputed names in modern Indian contemporary art today. His works often represent a profound mystical expression. 


In a career spanning over five decades, his works have acquired a profound transformation throughout the years.  He had his first solo show in 1946 in the Bombay arts Salon before moving to Paris.In 1947, he co-founded the Bombay Progressive Arts Group.He moved to Paris in 1950. He became a visiting lecturer at University of California in Berkley in 1962 His  initial works were mainly expressionistic landscapes which later moved to more abstract ones.  He transcended from painting landscapes and structures to a subconcious landscapes of the mind. His later works included elements from Tantric philosophy. By the 1970’s his works started evolving into a more subconcious abstract state. His ’Bindu’ series represent transformation and rebirth which were influence by his travels throughout India. Indian mysticism is thematically represented  the union of eart and universe of the prakriti-purusha. Later in 2000 his works reflected his deeper insights on Hindu philosophy through his representations of the ‘Kundalini’.



 Nagpur School of Art(1939-43)

J.J School of Art, Bombay(1943-47)

Ecole Nationale Beaux Arts, Paris (1950-!953)


Major Exhibitions and Shows


Bombay Arts Society Salon (1946)

International Bienelle at Sao Paolo, Venice and  Menton

Rang Raas and Shanti at the Tao Art Gallery

Power of Peace, Indiart Show at Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo in 2007 .

Tate Modern art Gallery and House of Lords, London in 2007.


Various galleries in India and abroad


Awards and Honours


Prix Da La Critique by the Government of France(1956)

Fellow at Lalit Kala Academy (1981)

Padma Bhushan  by the Government of India(2007)

Padma Vibhushan  by the Government of India (2013)


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