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Works of Asit Mondal



This decorative style which Mondal adopted as one of his formal attributes was probably accepted deliberately by him as a way to connect himself with the living traditions of our country. This rootedness is a prime feature of his works. His works are mystical and goes beyond the evident. He goes into the soul of themes to delve into Indian mythology. His training in modern contemporary art with his search for his roots become eclectic mix to form impressive artworks.

Education :  

Indian College of Atrs & Draftsmanship, Kolkata in 1970

Major Exhibitions:

Between 1970-74 he took part in group shows like the WBYAF, AUC, Group shows and others. Asit also had various solo exhibitionsin 1973 & 1977 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Alliance Francaise, Kolkata in 1980 and in 1988 at the Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata.


Asit has received a number of prestigious awards among them the Academy Awards of 1974 - 75 and the West Bengal State Academy Award of  1979-81. In 1989, he exhibited at the Sri Dharani Art Gallery and in1990 at Art Gallery of Habitat Foundation both in New Delhi. Drawings of Kathakali Exhibition sponsored by Kathakali Art Centre and Max Muellar Bhavan in 1999.


Collections :

His collection of work can be found with several private collectors and art lovers of India and abroad. 



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