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Works of Abhijit Gupta(b.1954)



Abhijit Gupta, an art college dropout, was a designer-entrepreneur till 1991. After which he decided to research indigenous architecture of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam on his own.

This led him to study, research, collect and promote traditional art forms of Bengal. He had diverse artistic cooperation with traditional Dokra, Bikna and terracotta artisans. 

Abhijit Gupta’s artistic journey has changed and evolved over time. Stylistically and thematically, he has explored newer horizons. Not just limited to a singular medium, the artist has found expression through video and installation art in addition to paintings and sculptures. His works are a search for his own voice, his expression of his immediate concerns as a socially conscious being.

His initial job as a designer has also influenced his works as they incorporate seemingly disparate elements like popular imagery, advertising and elements of  comic books. These mediums offer him to explore the interaction of the self with the modern world. 

He established himself as a full time visual artist with his solo show "Oblique Memoirs and Other Mind games" in 2000 at CIMA Gallery, Kolkata and followed it up with various international and national shows. He is also a practicing video artist and has been shown in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Washington and all over India.

He was awarded the Senior Fellowship of the Department of Culture, Government of India in 1997 and received the UNESCO-Aschberg Fellowship in 2005 and was an artist-in-residence in Brazil.

He is a founder- member and current President and Coordinator of Khoj Kolkata Artists Initiative and has been responsible for initiating many projects.


Major Exhibitions:



Solo and group exhibitions in Kolkata and




Solo and group exhibitions in India,

Canada and Brazil



Video art exhibitions in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem,

Washington and Kolkata.


Awards and Honours:



Awarded the "Senior Fellowship to Outstanding

 Artist in the Field of Visual Art" by the

 Department of Culture, Government of India



UNESCO-Aschberg Fellowship



Founder member and president of Khoj

Kolkata Artists' Initiative
Lives and works in Kolkata, India







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