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Gobardhan Ash (1907) can be regarded as one of the masters in Indian modern contemporary art. His works could be described as visionary and has an originality to it which is not confined by traditional boundaries in art. His work can be seen as a breakaway from the academic rules of painting. His works were influenced by the advent of Western modernism.
His works were an exploration of the human spirit. Deeply relevant in an Indian context, they reveal a deeper message about the human condition. He explored his own style in art and continued to explore newer horizons. His works were relevant in the socio-political context of that time. His themes include simple subjects like farmers and workers engaged in intense labour. He continued to explore his own mode of artistic expression. He became the Professor in Indian Art College, Calcutta from 1953-55.

The Progressive writers association in 1954, covered his works on the Bengal famine which brought him to the public eye. His impressionist gouaches done during the late 40s are in complete contrast to famine series.  The colours are rich and vibrant and characteristic to these works. 
He never confirmed to any particular form or style of art. His later works from the 80s
Ash never subscribed to a stringent artistic form or technique. Rather, his works from the 80s display yet another intriguing and jarringly different style in his treatment of portraiture. He dedicated his entire life to art and his works are an exemplary example in Indian art.



 Government School of Art, Kolkata(1926-1930)


Government School of Art, Chennai, 1932 

Major Exhibitions and Shows

 AIFACS,New Delhi

Fine Arts Society in Madras

Artistry House, Calcutta, 1955

Doon School at Dehradun, 1958

Calcutta Information Centre ,1969.


Awards and Honours


  First Prize of the Madras Academy of Fine Arts (1983),

 Silver Medals from form the Progressive Writers and Artists Association and from the Delhi Fine Arts Society

Cash Awards from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata (1937)

Art Heritage of New Delhi (1985) 




His Collections are in NGMA, Delhi Art Gallery in New Delhi, Scottish Church College, Academy of Fine Arts, High Court, Rabindranath Bharati Museum in Calcutta, Maisadal Rajbati and Burdwan Queen in West Bengal.


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