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Bachhawat Foundation

Launched on December 15, 2013, the Bachhawat Foundation is a non-commercial and charitable associate of the Aakriti Art Gallery, a unique of its kind in India solely dedicated to the mission of intellectual propagation through art and culture. To encourage and give support to the artists and all those who are involved in modern and contemporary art in different fields ranging from painting, sculpture, printmaking, video art, installations and conceptual/experimental art, Bachhawat Foundation aims towards conducting Art Residency Programs inviting artists, art historians, critics, writers, connoisseurs who would thus become a part of this endeavour. With successful achievements through its various programs like the celebration of ‘Bachhawat Foundation Art Day’ at the Race Course of Kolkata in March 2014 where the country saw the greatest rendezvous of the affluent and eminent personalities along with rising talents and budding and fresh names in the art world and its allied fields of culture along with a number of art camps and residencies for young artists.

The Bachhawat Foundation is governed by a board of respectable trustees who are a part of the Bachhawat Family – Manik Bachhawat, Panne Kunwar, Amitabh Bachhawat, Madhu Bachhawat, Vikram Bachhawat, Priya Bachhawat and Aman Bachhawat. It is in fact the brainchild of this entire family of the Bachhawats who have integrated to hold up this Foundation with a sole idea in mind – An Art Foundation of international standards in India, which would set the discourse of artistic freedom, creative passion and cultural interaction between different cross-sections of artists and art practitioners from the local identity to the global recognition. Set in the serene ambience of nature, away from madding crowd at just a 20 km distance from Kolkata International Airport, Bachhawat Foundation hosts its major programs of Art workshops, Art Residencies etc from the Bachhawat Estate, a space one would be bound to fall in love with… A collective mission to bring together artists, art galleries, art curators, art colleges and institutes, art collectors and art lovers to breed a wholesome development of visual arts and culture, Bachhawat Foundation propels to take it a long way in the years to come…

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Time is priceless. Time waits for none. It is we who keep pace with time in our journey of life and try to restore those best and priceless objects and pass it on to our next generation who would then continue with the legacy of such achievements and so on. Though moments lived by us are left behind in the flow of time, but they are carried forward because time doesn’t come to an end. It keeps on rolling. With this universal truth in mind, “Legacy” – the house of decorative arts in Kolkata started functioning and became one of the primary associates of the Aakriti Art Gallery. Legacy is a homage to timeless objects of art and collectables of bygone eras. “Legacy’ takes us into the inward journey of history. The decorative art at Legacy carries the finest glimpse of cultural anthropology, narrating an untold story from the past.

If you are interested in the decorative sculpture, you may find yourself mingling with some of the most stunning Italian alabaster busts, carved carrera marbles, marble figurines and Persian tile panels. What makes this collection rare and wonderful is that they are not merely objet d'art, but a revelation of grace and beauty. Most of the objects displayed here are hand- picked from various Zamindar families. The furniture on display is hand-crafted using a well-planned, scientific method employing traditional ideas, carefully scaled and styled to suit the modern lifestyle. The furniture is made using only traditional joinery, where each piece of furniture is individually fitted and joined, giving the ensemble greater strength. All the intricate details are hand-carved, giving them a unique and personalized appearance, and distinguishing them from machine-made products. The store also boasts of an eclectic and mesmerizing jewellery collection, paintings, early prints of Daniel, Fraser lithographs from the days of the Raj, and paintings of Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose among others.

Legacy takes you to a time zone of refinement and chic and that you’d love to traverse time and again.

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Konark Collectables

Those were the best of times. When life cruised leisurely by on phaetons, and men and women graced ballroom floors with minuets and waltzes. When money never screamed or shouted, but spoke in hushed muted tones.

Those were days of elegance and gracefulness. Vintage art collectibles from Konark Collectables echoes of nostalgia. You can now relive the splendour of it all. With the most gorgeous period furniture ever-exquisite handcrafted Chairs, Sofa Sets, Console Tables, Curio Cabinets, Writing Desks, etc., in solid, sturdy mahogany. There is an equally unique range of Vases, Paintings, Curios and other Collectibles that sing the glory of elegance.

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Chisel Arts

Chisel Arts was established in Calcutta, India in 1985, by designer Amitabh Bachhawat with a few highly skilled craftsmen from remote villages in Bengal, who could shape wood like putty in their hands. For more than 25 years, Chisel Arts has been designing fine furniture for a global audience. Chisel Arts has a well equipped workshop with a team of highly accomplished and competent craftsmen. Furniture here is entirely hand-made from well seasoned rare tropical hardwoods such as West Indian Mahogany, Chickrasia, Black Siris and Teak. Chisel Arts has been synonymous to grand furniture and a brand many interior designers, high-end furniture stores and designer showrooms throughout the world recognize and respect. Chisel Arts also offers custom services, including custom sizes on our existing pieces. We also develop designs to cater to specific customer tastes and needs, in order to achieve premium customer satisfaction, in keeping with our motto of fine service.

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