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A Requiem, A Prayer, A Song

31-01-2015 To 28-02-2015
A REQUIEM   A PRAYER     A SONG. ‘One day we’ll become what we want The journey hasn’t begun and the path hasn’t ended The wise haven’t reached their exile Nor the exiles their wisdom The only flower we know is the red anemone Come let’s go towards the highest mural: The land of my poem is green and high God’s words at dawn are the land of my poem And I’m faraway Far away.’ Mahmoud Darwish This is not the moment to delve on the conflicts that threaten to take even more lives and lands; it is time to pray for a strengthening of the ever-dwindling peace that struggles to exist in our world. The artists invited to participate are practitioners of the non-figurative genre.  The works here are mostly, but not exclusively non-figurative, yet collectively they represent a blurring of boundaries, a defying of genre limitations. They evoke a sense of melancholy, a sense of the fading song, the desperate prayer. All that remains to be sung is the requiem.

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