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05-12-2015 To 31-12-2015
Ajay used to spend his summer holidays in Kolkata every year and still has lots of family here. Walk through the memories of his mind as you almost hear the honking of the traffic while you view the typical Kolkata taxi or see the sweat on the potter’s hands as he moulds Durga to her majestic beauty. Each nuance well captured, etched with photographic detail, here is his journey deep into the heart of a city that is born and bred of aristocracy and still remains pure to its ethnic roots. Aakriti Art Gallery is showing the ‘inimitably, unforgettably Kolkata’ through Ajay Rajgarhia’s eye, for the first time. The show previews on 5th of December, 2015 and will be on view till 31st December, 2015.

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