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One of the key initiatives of Aakriti Art Gallery is the constant search for unexplored territories in modern contemporary art beyond boundaries. Over the past ten years Aakriti has thrived to provide a platform for fresh young artists whose works reflect originality and resonate a voice for the new generation of artists. GenNext, the annual exhibition was conceived in 2006 to create a platform for young artists to showcase their talents. Art is always a reflection of reality and life-experience, tangible and intangible. During the twenty first century the realty has turned to be very enigmatic, so is the life-experience. The contradiction between progress and regression has been so confounding that the structure of the truth has shattered completely.

The seven editions of ‘Gen Next’ presented during the span of eight years have posited the inner strain within the contemporary life, also the struggle of the artists to find its suitable form through assimilation of traditional, modern and post-modern. GenNext has brought to the limelight some incredibly talented young artists. GenNext artists have gone to establish themselves as major names in the art world.

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