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‘Masterpieces’ is a unique concept, being introduced to the art world as a distinguished window for private sale of rare artworks of the master artists’ of India. And the concept is being launched by none other than Vikram Bachhawat, the director of Chisel Crafts Pvt Ltd and Aakriti Art Gallery Pvt Ltd, who after completing a series of successful innings in the world of art and aesthetics in India, now wants to make it possible for the art lovers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers to access and collect works of the masters with ease and according to one’s own choice and comfort, unlike auctions where the whole point of contest to win over the bidding determines which work would finally be yours. The whole concept revolves around the rare works with historical significance that has been meticulously segregated with reference to historical periods and above all has been handpicked after thorough research. This will simply allow the collector or the buyer to choose from a wide range of qualitatively important art works. This special window for buying rare artworks is not any kind of auction where one has to bid and win but a rare kind of platform where you can view the works online at, get prior appointments and be invited for private previewing of the selected works and then make the best choices a part of your unique collection.



I was always a dreamer from childhood. And I believe as long you can dream, you keep on moving and there’s no end to your journey… Aakriti Art Gallery was also one such dream that happened in the spark of a moment and it has been a wonderful and significant journey till this point, although I believe it’s still a long way to go. Aakriti is about to complete ten long years of our efforts and endeavors in the art world as an art gallery and with many memorable initiatives that we’ve taken so far, some have indeed become landmark accomplishments not only for us but for the art fraternity altogether. It was always an attempt on our part to bring in something new and innovative in the art world and it gives us immense pleasure when we walk down the memory lane that we have indeed made remarkable changes in the approach, outlook and the essence of the art world in the contemporary times and artists of all generations, art lovers, art connoisseurs, art collectors, art historians and art critics including the general populace have become an integral part of it. Aakriti Art Gallery on its tenth anniversary with Chisel Crafts is once again ready to gear up with a new adventure to give its august audience a unique and unprecedented opportunity titled, “Masterpieces” which is a new individual window specially meant for the buyers and art collectors to undergo private selling and buying of rare artworks of historical importance .

As all of us know that Chisel Crafts in collaboration with Emami has been instrumental in  organizing two biggest auctions in the Eastern India under the Emami Chisel Auction in the past years and at the same time one of the most significant platforms for the younger generation artists “GenNext” has also been phenomenal in all its eight editions , we also focused on the factor that art should be affordable for every collector and thus conceptualized “Affordable September” and in all these ventures we have seen huge responses and critical acclaims from every corner. We also initiated two serious magazines on art – “Art Etc” and “Art News & Views” and offered a grand readership on art at the global level. But we always felt that we need to do something more and keep our mission of enlightenment through art and aesthetics a never-ending process. And I could never stop dreaming as usual. Thus, now I look forward to serve you with this new venture of the known as “Masterpieces” and in its first edition we bring before you a rare collection of artworks precisely selected on the basis of their rarity and historical significance. Works of master creators like Tyeb Mehta, MF Husain, Raza, Sabawala, Manjit Bawa, Bikash Bhattacharjee, Souza, Amrita Shergil, Jamini Roy, Nanadlal Bose, Meera Mukherjee, Ganesh Pyne and so on… The concept of Masterpieces as a private sale of exclusive and historically significant art works is unique and one of its kind and we are trying to maximize the scopes of refreshing art collections as much as we can. The idea is to allow the collectors to choose from a wide range of top quality art works consigned by reputed galleries, artists and individuals. Rarity, quality and historical works of important modern and contemporary masters, have been given preference over hyped and fashionable works. The artworks have been handpicked after thorough research and going through the provenance.

I welcome suggestions and feedback for connoisseurs, as you.


Vikram Bachhawat



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